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Section: Hardwired Control
(Hardwired Control Units)
Order-№: 19600  
Price on request

Automated systems are a fixed part of our industry. The basics of drive technology and HCU (hardwired control units) can be taught using this modular instruction system. Thanks to the highly modular design and selection of components, a wide range of experiments can be implemented. The setup gives this instruction system an exceptionally clear arrangement, achieved through physically separated voltage ranges and little wiring effort thanks to jumper plugs. The experiment guides for this training board set are included in the set.

Training board set for HCU
The complete set includes all training boards for implementing the experiments from the experiment guide (experiment guide included in the set). Other experiment guides for the trainees or the trainer (solutions) are available on request.

Laboratory wiring harness
Suitable 4 mm laboratory safety cable set, put together for use with the training board set for hardwired control units (HCU).

Experiment guide for electrical drive technology part: Hardwired control
Starting from the basic properties of the components (e.g. contactors, time relays, circuit interrupters), the instructions go from simple to complex exercises using the wide range of electrical circuits. Trainees practice applying skills over many exercises oriented toward practical applications and supported by guiding text questions. Finally, a complex project exercise is used as practice.

Laboratory table not included in the scope of delivery!

  • Contactor jog mode and self-locking function
  • Safety equipment in the main and control circuits
  • Time functions
  • Safety of control units
  • Sequential circuits
  • Reversing function
  • Star-delta starting circuit
  • Dahlander circuit
  • Capacitor motor
  • Project exercises such as door drive

  • 1 x Training board 24V / 4.2 A power supply
  • 2 x Training board electronic overload relay
  • 1 x Training board signal indicator lights
  • 2 x Training board motor protection switch
  • 1 x Training board with 2x multifunction time relay
  • 1 x Training board star-delta and multifunction time relay
  • 1 x Training board circuit breaker
  • 1 x Training board with 4 push-buttons
  • 1 x Training board with 4 rotary switches
  • 1 x Training board auxiliary contactor
  • 4 x Training board contactor with auxiliary contacts
  • Laboratory wiring harness for HCU training board set
  • Experiment guide for HCU - trainer (solutions)
  • Experiment guide for HCU - trainee

  • Electronics engineers of automation technology
  • Electronics engineers of operating technology
  • Electronics engineers of machines and drive technology
  • Industrial electricians of operating technology

Fati Jamal