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Metal Trades Handbook
Order-№: 97210  
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1st edition of 2015, 776 pages, 17 x 24 cm, four-colour, bound

The merits of the Christiani concept will not fail to impress:

  • 10-part thumb index, colour coded for easy retrieval of specific content.
  • Clearly presented with easy-to-grasp content, a generous format and clearly legible text sizes.
  • Compact, yet comprehensive – limited to content essential for work.
  • Space for entering your own notes and information.
  • Reference system which can be adapted by the user to meet his specific needs.
  • Shortregister which folds out for easy location of important information.
  • Index of standards to facilitate location of all standards and regulations cited in the guide.

The Christiani Metal Trades Handbook is an additional introduction to the new innovative range of teaching media for vocational education and training. It provides students and teachers as well as trainees and instructors with a compact training and reference work, which conveys complex specialised knowledge clearly and efficiently. As regards content, there is more focus on CNC technology.

This handbook is particularly suitable for use during test preparation.

  • Basic principles
  • Technical documentation
  • Machine elements
  • Production technology
  • Measurement and testing technology
  • Fluid technology
  • Automation technology
  • Occupational and environmental protection, maintenance
  • Materials engineering
  • Interdisciplinary skills
  • Index
  • Index of standards
  • Fold-out 'shortregister'
  • All metalworking professions
  • Specialist workers in companies
  • Universities and specialised colleges
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 Metal Trades Handbook Spanish   97211  Metal Trades Handbook

Fati Jamal