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Bevel Gear Didactics Kit
Order-№: 50771  
Price on request

We have executed an industrial bevel gear as a didactics kit, and developed corresponding accessory components and spare parts, specifi cally for vocational training. These teaching materials are intended for the purposes of training and professional development, for example at vocational schools, schools for technicians, technical colleges, institutions of higher education, universities or occupational educational establishments.

  • Enables the first steps into learning about machine elements
  • Practical review on transmission theory, thus enhancing understanding
  • The ability to practice assembly or disassembly of gears repeatedly without cost-intensive press tools
Technical data
  • Close-to-production model, transmission designation: R57FAD2
  • Gear transmission ratio i = 35.39
  • Transmission with drive-end cover
  • Assembly and disassembly possible using only standard industrial tools
  • Components such as gear wheels, pinion shaft and conical roller bearings are protected against corrosion
  • Integrated into two stable plastic cases or in a base cabinet
  • The transmission module has been exclusively developed for instructional use
Practical laboratory tutorials
  • Gear transmission ratio and transmission torque determined with fixed rotational speed
  • Interaction of the machine elements in a transmission (shaft to hub connection)
  • Preventive maintenance based on parts list or individual components
  • Design in compliance with assembly requirements
  • Safe use of suitable assembly tools and assembly aids

Fati Jamal