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AVL DiTEST HV Safety 2000
with Training Case
Order-№: 95880  
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Ensuring the safety and reliability of high-voltage systems is one of the most important tasks to be performed by all workshops in the future.

Checking that these systems are voltage-free and insulated is part of the basis for all maintenance and repair work. To reduce the increased safety risk during maintenance the AVL DiTEST HV Safety 2000 with training case was developed. It offers trainees and course participants a maximum of safety and practical testing possibilities. Especially developed for educational institutions, the AVL DiTEST HV Safety 2000 with training case meets all safety standards for practical training and further education.

All innovations at a glance:

  • Safe training of high voltage measurement without vehicle
  • Jointly developed with training institutes
  • Practical training in the context of HV qualification possible
  • Menu-guided measurement of the absence of voltage (DC) with continuous documentation
  • Active insulation resistance measurement by means of integrated test voltage generator
  • Integrated voltmeter up to 1,000 V DC
  • Potential equalization measurement UNECE R100
  • Guided diagnosis and measurement sequence
  • Power supply via USB interface
  • Calibrated for reproducible accuracy

AVL products are only supplied to educational institutions upon presentation of proof of delivery.

Important information!

This instrument has been developed for measurements in direct voltage (DC) high voltage systems and is only suitable for measurements of direct voltage (DC).

Active insulation resistance measurement by means of integrated test voltage generator:

To test the insulation resistance of a vehicle, a test voltage must be applied externally. This voltage must be within the range of the battery voltage of the E-vehicle. HV Safety 2000 automatically and safely generates the necessary voltage without endangering the user. The entire test is also provided in the test report.

Equipotential bonding measurement with four-wire measurement technology - in accordance with UNECE R100:

After completion of the work, e.g. replacement of parts, the high voltage must be restored without error. To check the safety of the HV vehicle, the UNECE R100 standard defines the testing of the equipotential bonding resistance. HV Safety 2000 supports this measurement with the prescribed test current of 1 ampere.

Standard multimeter functions:

HV Safety 2000 offers the complete functions of a digital voltmeter: diode, resistance, capacity and voltage measurement. The measured values are displayed legibly on the screen of your PC or laptop. This saves the workshop the purchase of different measuring devices.

Power supply via USB interface:

No additional power supply or battery is necessary. The device is always ready for operation, including the generation of high voltage for insulation resistance measurement and the 1 ampere current for measurement according to UNECE R100.

  • Working with wiring diagrams, symbols, terminal designations, wires and wiring connections
  • Activating HV systems, taking into account all requisite safety precautions
  • Measurement of isolation from supply and general voltage measurement
  • High-voltage insulation resistance measurement (with deactivated HV system)
  • Insulation resistance measurement as per SAE J1766 measurement, ECE R100, ISO6469 (with deactivated HV system)
  • Potential equalisation conductor measurement
  • Motor vehicle mechatronics technician with focus on passenger car technology
  • Automotive mechatronics technician with focus on system and high-voltage technology
  • Service technician
  • Master Craftsman/Institute for Automotive Technician
  • Naming electrical and electronic components, functional units and systems
  • Selecting and using suitable measurement and testing equipment
  • Testing electrical and electronic circuits, taking into account the requisite safety precautions
  • Taking the most important measurements and using the most important measurement methods on HV systems with the requisite safety equipment
  • Documenting work results and performing evaluations through comparison with manufacturer specifications
  • AVL DiTEST HV Safety 2000 with accompanying software
  • 1000 V red test probe with safety sensor, requires safety gloves to be worn
  • 1000 V black test probe with safety sensor, requires safety gloves to be worn
  • HV demonstrator with all test voltages relevant for taking measurements on hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Transport case with connection socket for 12 V power supply unit (power supply)
  • Graphic DIN A0 with hazard warnings and safety regulations
  • Power supply: 110 / 240 V Mains connection
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 500 x 400 x 250 mm
  • Weight: approx. 8 kg

Fati Jamal