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BENNING ST 710 - Device Tester in Accordance with VDE 0701/0702
Order-№: 58559  
Price on request

The mains-independent, battery-powered device tester from Benning, fast and simple to operate.

  • For safety-related work equipment testing, such as power tools, motorised devices, lights, in accordance with VDE 0701-0702, DGUV regulation 3 (BGV A3)
  • Simple operation using three buttons, fast and mobile
  • Automatic test sequence for devices of class I, II (III)
  • Earth wire resistance (200 mA test current)
  • Insulating resistance (500 V test voltage)
  • Earth wire/contact current (equivalent leakage current process)
  • Line test incl. RPE, RISO, continuity and short circuit test
  • Voltage measurement at external socket (L-N, L-PE, N-PE)
  • Three-phase test objects can be tested using optional measuring adapters
  • Limit values pre-set in accordance with VDE standard
  • Battery capacity for 2,500 test objects
  • Safety in accordance with IEC/ EN 61010-1, IEC/ EN 61557 Part 1, 2, 4, 10
Special features:
  • Free download of the test logs (Excel, PDF)

Fati Jamal