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Electrical Trades (Power Engineering)
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2nd edition 2006, 55 pages, DIN A5

This handbook contains the basic formulae likely to be encountered in the Intermediate and Final Examinations for the Electrical Trades (Power Engeineering) in the German educational system. The formulae have been compiled on the basis of the PAL excercise bank:" Technical Calculations for the Electrical Trades (Power Engeineering)". Formulae for special fields of Electrical Engineering have not been included. They would just be disconcerting to students not working in such areas.

  • General advice
  • General principles
  • Geometry
  • Solid geometry
  • Physical calculations
  • Transmission ratio calculations
  • General principles of electricity
  • Magnetic field
  • Electric field
  • Basic quantities of an alternating-current circuit
  • Calculatiors in an alternating-current circuit
  • Three-phase alternating current
  • Feeder calculation
  • Electrical machines
  • Electronics
  • Tables

Fati Jamal