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mobileLab digital Case
Order-№: 93710  
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The revised version of the DIGITAL case provides an improved logic analyser with background illumination and a future-proof, upgradable quick-change system for the experiment boards. Thanks to the replaceable experiment boards, the system can be upgraded easily and inexpensively in event of further developments in semi-conductor technology.
In addition, the universal experiment boards can be used to carry out further tests with in-house semiconductors. In addition to the basic equipment of the cases, in future complementary sets with new experiment boards and test instructions will be introduced.

Learning objectives

With the DIGITAL case, the learner should be able to understand and analyse the basic elements and circuits of digital technology.

The learning objectives from the field of basic principles of digital technology in overview:

  • To understand functional equations of the basic elements of digital technology
  • To get to know circuit symbols of the basic elements
  • To get to know function charts of the basic elements
  • To create and understand function charts of combinations from the basic elements
  • To create and understand wiring diagrams on the basis of function charts
  • To understand and apply function tables and digital circuits
  • To understand and create signal time schedules

Basic elements and circuits of digital technology:

  • To get to know and analyse inverters and buffers
  • To analyse and understand an AND element
  • To analyse and understand an OR element

Setup, connection, measurement and analysis of combinations of basic elements:

  • To connect and examine AND with inverter
  • To connect and examine OR with inverter
  • To examine and understand NAND
  • To examine and understand NOR
  • To set up, analyse and understand flipflop
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 mobileLab charging and storage cabinet   76826  mobileLab charging and storage cabinet 
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 mobileLab AC Case   76806  mobileLab AC Case 
 mobileLab DC Case   76801  mobileLab DC Case 

Fati Jamal