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Robust servo measuring instrument, magnetic

Point position:
Zero point to the left and central zero point
4 double dial gauges 1/3, 10/30, 100/300
Central zero point: 5-0-5/15-0-15
Scale arc length: 200 mm
Height of digits: 26 mm
LED display height: 20 mm for displaying the units of measurement
Type of power: mV-/ ~ / V-/~/ µA-/~mA-/~/A-/~

Measurement ranges:
Direct current voltage: 1 to 30 V
1 mV final value range for displaying induction voltages without preamplifier
AC voltage: 1 to 30 V
DC and AC voltages: 100 µA to 10 A
Wire fuses that are accessible from the outside in fuse holders (F3.15 A/F10 A)
Back panel with 6 strong neodymium magnets for magnetically holding the device on metal boards

Power supply:
4 batteries 1.5 V Mignon (included in the scope of delivery)

Option to have an external power supply via integrated 5.5 mm DC hollow socket with plug-in power supply 6 V/500 mA (order no. 40-89949)
5.5 mm DC barrel connector, supply voltage: 230 V~

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 Magnetic Board   92623  Magnetic Board 

Fati Jamal