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Case Magnetostatics
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This case contains extensive material to perform numerous fascinating experiments in the field of magnetism. The clear storage in the case simplifies experimentating and the foam insert protects the individual parts during transport and storage. The appropriate student workbooks (sold separately) provide a detailed guide to the experiments. Thus, teachers who are unfamiliar with the subject can also create an exciting and informative lesson.

Device set in sturdy, high-quality plastic case with device-shaped foam insert.

Experiments with the case magnetostatics on the following topics:

Magnetic interaction:

  • The magnet as a compass
  • Pole of a magnet
  • Magnetic and non-magnetic materials
  • Interaction between magnets
  • The floating magnet
  • Magnetic force
  • Interaction between magnet and iron
  • The floating paperclip

Magnetic Influence - Elementary magnets:

  • Magnetic Influence
  • Rejection by Influence
  • Elementary magnets - Production of a permanent magnet
  • Dividing a permanent magnet

Magnetic field:

  • The magnetic field
  • Field pattern of a bar magnet
  • Magnetic lines of force
  • Magnetic field between two magnetic poles
  • Magnetic field between two parallel magnets
  • Field lines of a horseshoe magnet
  • Shielding of a magnetic field
  • Magnetic field of the earth

Consisting of:

1 globe for earth magnetism
1 stand for floating magnet
1 bar magnet, short, pair
1 magnetic and non-magnetic material
1 cord, roll
1 connector with hook
2 plug pin with needle
1 magnetic field probe
1 threaded pins, set of 3 pcs
2 pedestal
1 iron nails in holder
1 wind rose
1 paper clips, set of 6 pcs
1 pocket compass
2 magnet holder on plug
1 high-quality plastic case with device-shaped foam insert, dimensions: 45 x 33 x 11 cm

Fati Jamal