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For experiments on the following topics:

  • Solar energy
  • Serial parallel connection of photovoltaic cells
  • Wind power
  • Energy storage
  • Discharging the energy storage
  • Converting mechanical energy to electrical energy

Consisting of:

  • 1x E10 lamp socket box, magnetic
  • 2x box for plug-in elements
  • 2x photovoltaic cell box
  • 2x connector
  • 1x motor plug-in element with windmill spinner
  • 1x 5 F capacitor plug-in element
  • 1x mobile battery unit with solar top piece
  • 1x wind generator
  • 1x generator with manual drive, including special connection cable with 4 mm plugs and 2 light bulbs, 6 V
  • 1x clamping plug, set
  • 1x thermocouple, simple
  • 1x halogen spot light, 150 W on shaft with detachable handle
  • 1x hand-held blower, 2000 W, 2 fan levels

Fati Jamal