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Basics of electricity - Device set
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With this device set the students gain basic knowledge and understanding of the electrical current. The exciting and varied experiments enable the first scientific experimenting with electrical circuits. Due to the robust and easily detectable parts, the individual experiments can be carried out precisely. The clear marks on the boxes simplify the overview and improve the understanding of technical drawings and diagram sketches. The supply of 1.5 V baby batteries (not included) ensures the safety of the students during the performance. Thus, the students can easily learn and understand everyday phenomena and circuits in the household. The enclosed instruction manual helps the teachers to prepare and carry out the experiments. The clear structuring and the explanations of the individual phenomena enable the class to be looked after, even without a deeper knowledge in the field of electricity theory.

Consisting of:

1 switch box
1 electric circuit box
3 connector plug
1 light bulb set, 3xE10 1,5V
1 clamp plug
1 conductor-non-Conductor set
1 electrode set
1 electrolysis trough
2 batterie holder
2 lamp socket E10
1 potentiometer 10 K amp

  • Simple electric circuits
  • Switch
  • Chains of lights
  • Current supply
  • Selector switch
  • Toggle switch
  • Conductors and non-conductors

Fati Jamal