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Large robust plug-in modules for experiments in the fields of electrics, electronics and electromagnetism. Various circuits can be assembled using the plug-in plate. The whole system can be used by pupils as a clear system as well as by teachers on a magnetic board.

  • For demonstration and student experiments
  • Same plug-in system for teacher and students

Plug-in elements with touch-safe insulated plug attachments, dimensions: 76 x 76 x 38 mm.

Wide range of experiments for the clear and illustrative set-up of electrical and electronic circuits for introductory and more advanced physics lessons.

For more than 100 experiments on electrics, and more than 80 experiments on electronics.

  • Instruction manual incl. solutions
    Electrics, Electronics
  • Box 1: Basic circuits
    20 modules: wires, switches, lamp sockets, batteries
  • Box 2: Resistors, electronics
    20 modules: resistors, diodes, semi-conductors, capacitors, transistors
  • Box 3: Special modules
    18 modules: coil modules, relays, automatic safety switch, gear motor, motor, photovoltaic cells, solar motor
  • Box 5: Electromagnetism
    More than 50 pieces including: coils, magnets, gong, clapper, ferrit core, Lenz ring, Waltenhofen plate, eddy current disc, bimetallic strip, electrolysis trough, commutator, light bulbs, conductor and non-conductor materials
  • Basic plug-in board
    Magnetic, 5x3 component slots
  • Connection lines
    Set of 8 lines: 4 lines - 4 mm plugs, 4 lines - safety plugs

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Fati Jamal